Line Creek Trail winds serenely through the beautiful countryside of Platte County. In any portion of the trail you’ll find a peaceful experience waiting for you. Follow the trail through wooded areas along the creek for a back-to-nature experience in the heart of the Northland. 

The multi-use trail sees frequent use by hikers and bicyclists. You may also see deer, squirrels, birds, and a variety of other wildlife. Line Creek Trail is an ideal way to check out Platte County’s scenery and wildlife.

Line Creek Trail also features a Fixit bicycle service station, which offers an air pump & basic tools for repairs to make the trail much more bike friendly. For information, please call 816-513-7500.


8.25 Mile Trail

2 pedestrian bridges

concrete surface




Trail owned and operated by the City of kansas city and the City of Riverside

funded through contributions from the city of kansas city, Platte County and the City of riverside