262 club

Platte County Parks 100 Mile Challenge

New Challenge! Starts Monday February 1, 2021

The MARATHON challenge consists of 3 levels or choices: Can you get to the 262 Club?

5K = 50 miles in 100 days
10K = 100 miles in 100 days
26.2 miles the Marathon level = 262 miles in 100 days

1. Check out our website for the numerous parks, trails and waterways in Platte County, and Community Centers.
2. Like Platte County Parks 100 mile Challenge Facebook Group
3. Make a goal. Keep track of your activities. Post your progress often. Encourage and motivate others.
4. Complete your goal by the end of the 100 days on May 11, 2021.
5. When completed "I completed the challenge" on Platte County Parks 100 mile challenge GROUP Facebook page.
6. We will have a finishing surprise while supplies last.

We like pictures of your activities and locations. Post often! Screenshot your Garmin or Strava miles. Encourage and inspire others. Every activity counts-if you just had surgery or can't reach the goals listed,  but have a personal goal-Let us know!  Convert your your yoga, workouts, golf, etc to miles. This is all done on the honor system.

Let's get out and move and have some fun! Stay tuned for activity pop up groups. Yoga in the Park starts May 19, Wed, at 6pm at Platte Ridge Park.

Spread the word, and get your friends to join!

Get out and move!