planning our parks

Citizen Focused.  Collaborative.  Sustainable.  These words describe the Platte County Parks and Recreation Department’s long range plans for our system of parks, trails and recreational facilities.  Each plan, starting with the overarching Parks System Master Plan, was guided by the citizens of Platte County incorporating their vision for parks to meet their needs and make the county a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

The PARKS SYSTEM Master Plan

The Park System Master Plan presents numerous opportunities that capitalize on the enthusiasm generated by Platte County citizens for their park system. This enthusiasm has fueled widespread support for the Guiding Principles of the new Plan, updated and approved by the Platte County Commission in May 2009. These Principles that serve as our foundation are:  

protecting our natural resources

• providing health and wellness opportunities

• creating safe recreation places for our children  

The plan, and approach to implementing it, will be citizen-focused, collaborative, and sustainable.

Our vision

To create community through people, partnerships, and an interconnected system of parks, greenways, and conserved natural resources, offering recreational opportunities for all citizens.

We will achieve our vision by

  • Continuing to ensure that the Platte County parks system is well maintained and safe.
  • Building awareness and promoting parks and recreational facilities in Platte County.
  • Continuing to collaborate and partner for funding and facility use.
  • Continuing to improve quality of life by funding a parks and recreation sales tax.
  • Expanding existing indoor and outdoor facilities and creating a more diverse park system that reflects citizen desires.
  • Continuing to make high priority land and water-based trail and greenway connections.
  • Encouraging significant green space conservation and parks in development.