How to Add a Meta Title/Description for Google

We use SEO Framework on all websites, which shows a little category box next to every post and page. It should be completely green if everything is set up properly:


T = Title D = Description I = Indexing F = Link Following A = Archiving R = Redirect


Meta Title: The page or post title will automatically be assigned as the meta title, which is usually fine. If it’s not green, you might need to check the box to remove the blog name (if it’s too long), or add keywords to the title (if it’s too short).

Meta Description: It’s best to copy the first couple sentences of your page and post, then paste it into the meta description and rewrite to be as short and descriptive as possible. This is the blurb that shows under the Meta Title when your page shows up on Google.

This is really all you need to do for most pages/posts.

If you want to assign different titles or a fallback image for social media, you can do that in the Social tab:


The Visibility tab is where you hide pages or posts from search results. See this help article for more on hiding pages.


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