Canoe/Kayak Event - July 15

Experience canoeing and kayaking first hand at the Canoe/Kayak event July 15 starting at 9 am! Boats and gear will be supplied at this free event. If you have your own boat, please bring it along. Instruction will be given on paddle movement and motion, boat basics, and safety. Participants will experience canoeing or kayaking during a paddle on the water. 

This event is open to people of all ages; children under 8 years old must supply their own life preserver if participating. Participants are encouraged to wear sunscreen and water friendly clothing. 

Due to the popularity of this event, there will be a maximum of 120 participants allowed.  Participants will be placed into sessions with an assigned start time.  Each session will last 45 minutes on the water with a maximum of 30 floaters per session.  Groups are allowed, but each individual from the group needs to sign up as there is an electronic waiver that needs to be signed. 

All water enthusiasts, regardless of canoeing or kayaking experience, are welcome! For more information call (816) 858-3419.